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Summer in the Country

Invincible Spirit – Pir Vilayat

The Emerald Contemplations

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Prayer of Light of the Prophet Muhammad

Something Opens Our Wings – Zuleikha

Attuning to Impermanence

The Gamble: Becoming a True Human Being


Tested by People

Realizing What People Have Been Through

The Hidden Balm for Intolerance

Accepting People’s Nature

When the Cure Begins


The Lama’s Chant – Songs of Awakening

Love after Love

Accepting Love



Adaptive Self—Real Self

Hokusai Says

Hu’s Body

The Felt Sense of Experience (2): Inquiry

The Felt Sense of Experience (1)

Body of Love

The Aliveness of Presence

Entering the experience of the body


Jumping Monkeys

Return Again

Pure Mind

Exploring Your Relationship to Power

The Way of Illumination

Concentration: Why practice being aware?

Essential Purity

Words of Encouragement to Life


Rhythm: Bridging Contemplative and Daily Life

Please Call Me by My True Names

False Self / Real Self

Whoever brought me here

I Will Give You My Wings by Gayan Macher

Gayan: Boulas

Affinity Group Attunement

Affinity Groups Introduction

Both / And

The True Cure

Our Koan

Encountering Murshid ~ Conversations Between Sharif Graham and Taj Inayat

Foundations of the Sufi Path – Friendship

Embodiment and Power


The Gift of Sacred Teaching

To Be a Pupil

The Joy of Noticing Beauty

Immortalizing Experience Through Witnessing

Our Depth Is Silence

The Awakened Life

Self Blossoming

The Sufi Sutras – Volume I

Tech Recommendations for at-home Retreat

Creating Sacred Space at Home

On Listening

Occasional Prayers

Evening Prayers

Midday Prayers

Morning Prayers

Remembering Pir Vilayat

What is Sufism?

The Ten Sufi Thoughts

The Invocation of Hazrat Inayat Khan


Recommended Reading

The Sufi’s Quest

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