Pure Mind

The real purification of mind is in purifying it from thoughts and impressions which live in it as a germ of disease. The best way of cleansing the mind from all this, is to be able to empty the mind of any thought, feeling or impression. To be pure means to be natural.

To attain to the purity which is the seeking of the mystic we must be able to purify our spirit from every thought and feeling, however deeply impressed or engraved in one’s heart. The mystic even goes as far as purifying even from identity. From beginning to end the whole process of spiritual development depends upon this.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

What are we creating?

There is the question of what has been called in the scriptures: heaven and hell. What are they? Heaven and hell are our world, our consciousness, that in which we live day after day and year after year, and which continues in another world. Whatever we have made our world, we are experiencing it today. And what is said by the prophets, that after death all will be brought into evidence, only means that in this earthly plane we are so little conscious of our world, so absorbed in the outer world, that we do not know what world we have created within ourselves.

We are so much occupied with the outer world, with our desires, ambitions, and striving, that we hardly know our own world, like the woman who works in the factory: she is tired at night, and when she comes home she reads his newspaper. (surfs the internet)

It is the same with everyone. In everyone’s life there is so much of the outside world all day long to attract us, thousands of advertisements, shops sparkling with electricity. There will come a time when our eyes will be closed to the outside world, which now occupies all our mind, to become conscious of the world within. This is the meaning of the saying of the scriptures, ‘One will find what one has made.’ One need not say, ‘What will become of me tomorrow?’ If one can direct one’s mind into oneself, one can see what is within the consciousness, what it is composed of, what it contains; then one will know today what the hereafter will be.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

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