Prepare for the Inner Journey! – Session One: Faith

August 24, 2024 5 hours
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In this 4-part series, we will focus on four “soil conditions” essential for spiritual transformation.
Session One: Faith – Faith in the power of the path, with total confidence in your spiritual destiny.

  • Time: 9am - 3:30pm Pacific
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Format: Zoom
  • Teacher: Gayan Macher
  • Eligibility: open to all
  • Questions? Contact us for questions about registration, eligibility and scholarships.

Prepare for the Inner Journey!
A Four Part Series
Session One: Faith 

All creation unfolds naturally. Only we humans bear responsibility for becoming who we truly are.  Our task is to develop the soil conditions that are receptive to the unfoldment of Divine Being.

In this 4-part series, we will focus on four qualities essential for spiritual transformation.  Each session is an experiential contemplation of one of these.

The heart may be likened to soil. Soil may be fertile or a barren desert, but the soil which is fertile is that which bears fruit.
Hazrat inayat Khan

August 24 Session One: Faith

Faith is a power, a creative force of the heart, independent of religious belief systems.  The goal of this session is to realize what faith actually is, and why it is so crucial to the inner journey.  And we will explore how to strengthen our faith.

It is faith which determines our success in attaining our ideal. It is faith that uncovers things veiled with a thousand covers. It is faith that attracts things almost out of reach.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Four Part Series

  • Session One (Aug 24): Faith – faith in the power of the path, with total confidence in your spiritual destiny
  • Session Two (Sept 22): Motive Force—wholehearted dedication to your ultimate priority
  • Sesssion Three (Nov 23): Supple Mind—the openness that allows the birth of a new mind
  • Session Four (Dec 15): Detachment—release, even for a few moments, from mental preoccupation with life’s affairs. Dying before death.

You may attend one of more of these sessions.  The four sessions form a cohesive whole, so it is ideal to attend the entire series.  Please note, you must register for each session separately.  Video recordings will be available in “My Portal”.

If you cannot attend a session, each session will be made available in our Programs/Self-Guided section.

For partial scholarships, contact us.

The Practice of Inner Guidance

During the afternoon sessions we practice attuning to guidance. In this process, Gayan works with someone who is in touch with their “burning question”—a heart-felt desire to understand something more deeply. With Gayan’s support, they learn to deepen contact with the light of knowing coming from within, learning to hear the voice beneath incessant thinking. This is done in the presence of the rest of the group.

There is special value in practicing inner guidance in a group setting. On the surface our situations are unique, but as we look further, we recognize an underlying unity in our deepest questions. Secondly, and most importantly, witnesses observe how guidance functions. There are specific qualities we cultivate that are conducive to the revelation of meaning and truth.



Studying with Gayan is a rare opportunity led by one of the wisest and kindest people I’ve ever met. He combines the holy with everyday life in a way that makes it all make sense.
Aila Alice Hardesty

The inspired, masterful, and deeply loving guidance offered by Gayan will take you on a journey towards truly knowing yourself, which is exactly where Hazrat Inayat Khan asks us to go. “To know the self is to know God.”
Elizabeth Normand

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Gayan Macher

Gayan Macher

Gayan is a companion and guide to those who are called to the courageous path of love. He has practiced and taught the universal Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan his entire adult life. In addition, he has studied Buddhist practice, the Diamond Approach, and psychology, where he explored emerging understandings of the formation of the ego.

Gayan leads group retreats and has guided scores of individual students. He collaborated with Pir Zia Inayat Khan in designing Suluk Academy, and taught at Suluk for eight years. Along with Taj Inayat he created Sufi Retreats, and then New Rain, which became laboratories for the process of awakening and spiritual maturation.

A specialty of his work is leading Inner Guidance Groups, a process in which people learn the art of listening to the voice of truth and understanding coming from within.

Gayan also has a 40-year career as a consultant to executives of organizations, having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits of all sizes. Being a confidant to people in positions of significant responsibility has given him a front row seat for the study of leadership and human nature.

Among Gayan’s great loves is music. He plays guitar, and as a singer-song writer has recorded two CDs of original songs.

You can listen to this music here >

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