Evening Prayers

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These Evening prayers can be said silently or aloud, but are considered more effective when said aloud, as the sound-vibration of the prayers penetrates the energy centers of the body and reaches the inner planes of our being. Although all the prayers are honored and recited by Inayati Sufis, Saum (a morning prayer) and Salat (a midday prayer) are given special emphasis. It is said that it is more important to recite these two prayers daily than any of the others. Likewise, these two prayers can be recited with accompanying movements suggested by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

There are also prayers for the Morning, Midday and various Occasions.


O Thou, Who art the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
The Sovereign of heaven and earth,
open our hearts, that we may hear Thy Voice,
which constantly cometh from within.
Disclose to us Thy Divine Light,
which is hidden in our souls,
that we may know and understand life better.
Most Merciful and Compassionate God,
give us Thy great Goodness,
Teach us Thy loving Forgiveness,
Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide us,
Send us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit,
And unite us all in Thy Perfect Being.


Disclose to us Thy Divine Light
(Said 11 times, arms crossed on chest and hands resting on shoulders, like folded wings.)


Warner of coming dangers,
Wakener of the world from sleep,
Deliverer of the Message of God,
Thou art our Savior.
The Sun at the dawn of creation,
The Light of the whole universe,
The Fulfillment of God’s Purpose,
Thou, the Life Eternal, we seek refuge in Thy loving enfoldment.
Spirit of Guidance,
Source of all beauty, and Creator of harmony,
Love, Lover, and Beloved Sovereign.
Thou art our Divine Ideal.


O Thou, who art the Maker, Molder,
and Builder of the Universe,
Build with Thine own hands
the Universel,
our Temple for Thy Divine Message
of Love, Harmony, and Beauty.

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