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A half-century’s study of the transformative teachings of the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan, and a lifetime of attention to the human heart, inform Taj’s years of experience as both a psychological counselor and a spiritual guide.

  • Time: TBD
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Format: Online via zoom
  • Teacher: Taj Inayat
  • Eligibility: For more information, contact please contact us
  • Questions? Contact us for questions about registration, eligibility and scholarships.

***If you’re interested in Spiritual Counseling, please get in touch with Taj directly.***


Taj offers a compassionate heart, spiritual maturity, and deep experience of the innermost self. She provides a container of presence, safety, and love in which to explore and digest whatever is happening in her clients’ lives.  

By facilitating attentive exploration of both the psychological and the mystical, counseling with Taj offers support for the clear self-knowledge that can lead to true spiritual realization.

Taj Inayat, my mother, has studied, practiced, and taught mysticism and psychology for so long and in such depth that, like a seasoned ranger of the deep forests, she is able to navigate the sacred groves of the mind and heart with an adroitness that lucidly ushers spiritual pilgrims to further vistas of realization and awakening.
Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Taj’s study of psychology has focused on the healthy development of the self, with particular application to the common tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to bypass unresolved emotional issues, wounds, and developmental tasks.  She provides an opportunity to understand and resolve patterns that hold us back from living out our full realization.

How to pour an ocean into the thimble of a testimonial? Why, of course, by letting it flow over the rim, out into the expanse where there are no edges, where you will find Taj dwelling, offering us the view, a sip of mystic wine, intimations of a vaster reality, a deeper presence, a tenderer heart, a fresher mind, a soul bathed in beauty.

Shams Kairys

Receiving guidance from someone able to perceive your divine nature and help bring it forth is a precious opportunity. Taj is such a person. She also has profound knowledge of the psychological processes necessary for transformation. This combination is most rare. Anyone serious about spiritual awakening would be wise to work with Taj.

Gayan Macher

Taj has helped me enter the cracks of my life so that I could be present to all that was hiding and to the treasures that were hidden in the fear. She guides with patience, a deep sense of curiosity, humour and most of all, kindness. She practices and embodies the art of transformation in service to Love.


Not only does Taj see right through my egoic defenses, she doesn’t judge me for my misguided ideas of who I think I am. Instead, she holds up the mirror of my true self, and ever so gently and patiently draws me into Love.

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Taj Inayat

Taj Inayat

Taj Inayat is the spiritual director of the Hurqalya Center and an initiate since 1967 in the Sufi Order International, now the Inayatiyya Order, a mystical and ecumenical fellowship rooted in the visionary legacy of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Three years after initiation she met Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, head of the Order, and became his spiritual partner. They collaborated in the work until his death in 2004.

Taj served as Vice President of the Sufi Order International, as teacher/guide for many years before co-creating Sufi Retreats and New Rain, programs that carried on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Taj’s work is founded on a lifetime's attention to the human heart. Her capacity for supporting mystical awakening and self-knowing has grown out of her long experience as a spiritual guide in the transformative traditions of Sufism, Diamond Approach and Tibetan Buddhism. She is a minister in the Universal Worship Church and holds an MA in Counseling Psychology.

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