On Sufism

Sufis recognize all authentic spiritual and religious traditions as expressions of the same essential truth. Therefore, Sufis honor all of these, and feel a kinship with all sincere seekers of truth.

At the same time, each tradition has a unique note, like the various instruments within an orchestra.

The signature of our Sufi school is the centrality of the heart: the meeting place of the immortal soul and the corporeal body. The wisdom emerging from this union, in the experience of life, is the evolutionary fruit of the universe. Though we call this the human journey, in truth it is God who journeys.

Our school exists to serve as companions to those who sense this emergence within themselves—as yearning, attraction, restlessness, dissatisfaction… and who are not entirely satisfied with the entertainments and distractions that characterize conventional society.

We travel with those thirsting to come closer to something within, something unnamable yet of ultimate significance. As the Sufi poet Jellaluddin Rumi says, “Life freezes over if it doesn’t get a taste of this almond cake”

The heart is the wellspring of our deepest motivations, a container for love. The goal of Sufism is to develop the capacity of the heart—the capacity to hold all the complexities of life in a matrix of love—and to discover the divinity inherent in all of creation.
Pir Zia Inayat Khan