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Introduction to the Emerald Contemplations

A brief description of the origins of the Contemplations by Suhrawardi Gebel, then head of the Knighthood of Purity:

“As contemplation of Murshid’s Iron, Copper, Silver and Golden Rules is a means of raising awareness of our moral relationship with fellow humans, the Emerald Contemplations serve the same purpose for our relationship with the natural world.  The original inspiration for these contemplations came from Shams Kairys, who long ago began his efforts to raise the consciousness of the Inayatiyya (Sufi Order) about the disastrous toll human heedlessness has taken and is taking on the world around us and its inhabitants. Subsequently Shams and I took the lead in developing the Emerald Contemplations, with the help of many others.”

The primary impetus for their creation was witnessing the relentless plundering, pollution, and destruction of the natural world around the globe. This reality compels us to refresh and re-balance our relations with all of creation, with loving attention and awakened conscience. Murshid warned, “Humankind is far removed from nature both within and without, and has become an exile from the ideal state of life.” May these contemplations remind us, in our depths, of the precious gifts of Nature and invigorate our dedication to protect and restore them.

Contemplation involves setting aside thoughts and preconceptions and opening to direct experience, including our visceral and emotional responses. Allow these contemplations to enter you through your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your senses, evoking our natural kinship within the web of life. You may find that opening one’s heart in resonance with Nature in this manner kindles our intuition, our insight, our gratitude and sense of belonging.

Of course, no ten thoughts can encompass the fullness of our relations with the natural world. May these contemplations be an orienting compass for exploring your own living experience of Nature, within and without, and lead you to many moments of wonder and delight.

Emerald Contemplations

My conscientious self:

Sense the presence of Nature in each breath.

Know yourself as a tendril of the living Earth.

Listen to the sacred voice of Nature within and without.

Open to the beauty and wonder that Nature inspires.

Offer respect and gratitude for Nature’s bountiful gifts.

Draw strength from the Earth, give kindness in return.

Honor all the inhabitants of Earth as kin.

Consider how your choices affect the future of the whole web of life. 

Strive to protect and restore the natural world.

Delight in the sun, the rain, the trees, the creatures, the soil, the breeze.

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