Tested by People

We are tested in our patience, and mostly we are tested by people. People who make us impatient… We may be a kind person with everyone else but with this person it is as if the very worst is brought out of you.

And one wonders, “why is this?”. And if one is wondering, that is the beginning of wisdom. One then inquires into the nature of the situation.

But all too often we don’t inquire. We are insulted, offended…we become angry and agitated. Murshid speaks of the spirit of agitation. It’s good to familiarize yourself with it, and to see it when it enters you. It’s not a good feeling. But it’s good to watch it as it happens and to not be completely in the clutches of it; but instead see “ah yes, I know this; I know where it comes from. I know what it does. I see it for what it is.”

Pir Zia
Taken from talk, entitled “Realization”

From New Rain Online Series: Purification from Negativity — February 2022

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