The Joy of Noticing Beauty

Inner light occurs almost everywhere in nature. The color in nature almost always has inner light. In things made by humans it is rather more rare and happens more chiefly when it is made in some visionary mode. Christopher Alexander, architect

Give yourself a gift this week. Let yourself be sensitive to the subtle enchantment of the sensory world around you. We live in a display of light, movement, color. It is all simply here, ready to be noticed.

As the witness we receive the joy of beholding beauty. And in our noticing, the One, the Manifest, becomes seen in all Her/His beauty.

Imagine God, the Only Being, manifesting into the forms of this world. Imagine the One getting all dressed up–colorful, radiant, full of surprising and delightful adornments (consider the hummingbird and lightning storm!). Perhaps you can feel the fulfillment there is when someone actually notices. There is the delight of both the Noticer and the Noticed in the magic encounter. For the Sufi this is the cosmic dance of duality as the Only Being awakens to Her/Himself through our noticing.

New Rain Online: General Workshop Tip December 2022

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